Thursday, June 7, 2007

Music Restoration Business


It's now 2011. I have been professionally active in the recording industry for over 47 years as a musician, engineer, studio owner, multi business owner. In 1996 I started an audio and video restoration business to meet the requests that I had for a superior and unique recovery of damaged professional recordings for the industry. From that start, many people in general asked about fixing and then transferring their older tapes and damaged records to the current media [CD and DVD] so they could continue to enjoy their music and video from years ago. I added that public to my restoration business and have enabled people from around the world to once again enjoy their lost memories.
People often ask how I am able to do this. By using the most sophisticated hardware, computers, and software programs such as Diamond Cut Seven, iZotope RX2, Ozone, Waves, Adobe Audition 2.0, MOTU Digital Performer, Adobe CS3 Master Collection, along with even more advanced software and other 'Special' hardware pieces, the finished restorations emerge in all their 'original studio recorded fidelity' that the engineers and musical conductors heard that first day they were recorded. I can restore your cassette, reel to reel tapes, damaged CD & DVD's, as well as LP's, and 45's . . . then transfer them to CD or DVD. Please contact me for my extremely reasonable pricing and referrals.

Your memories need preservation.

It's time to save those old tapes of family recordings, recitals, weddings, funerals, school and historical events, etc.

As a side note of information:

Remember, when a 45 or LP record is recorded they have to 'chop' all the fidelity out of the recording to accommodate audio on the plastic disc. . . and then try and use some compromised compression and limiting ( EQ - treble, bass, mid tone amplification and shelving ) in your playback amplifier so that the listener of the record gets a 'so, so' interpretation of what the sound of the instruments and vocals were like on that first day in the studio. Do they succeed? Not really.

With my very special Forensic software, I am able to truly put back in the proper EQ, compression, limiting, etc, and recreate what 'you thought you were buying on that record and or CD'. This can only be accomplished with the forensic software that I use, then burned to a new CD or DVD, which will allow all the original fidelity information to be included in the audio recording.

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Remember, for a very reasonable fee I can bring all your favorite records and recorded tapes and cassettes to a heightened level of superior musical sound. Keep and archive your memories for future generations to listen and enjoy.

In the coming months, I will post or link to some dramatic comparisons that I have made so that you can get an idea for yourself just what I am able to do. If you don't want to wait, please e-mail to me, and I will instantly attach examples.

Thank you for taking your time to visit and learn a little of what I can do to help restore and archive your memories.

Jim Covington

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